Xbox Game Console

Remote Installation

Using just a browser on your smartphone or computer, you can remotely install any Direct Sports Network app onto your Xbox in less than a minute.

Step 1

Click the button below to open the Microsoft Store (in a new tab), then login to your Xbox account (by clicking “Sign in” located at the top right corner of the webpage).

Step 2

Browse through dozens of our sports apps, then select your preferred DSN app(s) by clicking the team or network tile. Then click the blue-colored button labeled, “Get”, then select your preferred Xbox device(s) and click the blue-colored button labeled, “Install now”, and that’s it!

The app will automatically install itself onto your selected device(s), and the next time you access your Xbox, you’ll see the tile(s) of your selected app(s) located on your Xbox homepage.

Direct Installation

Installing one (or more) Direct Sports Network apps onto your Xbox is quick and easy.

Step 1

Power on your television and launch Xbox.

Step 2

On the Xbox homepage, press the ‘Y’ button to reach the search page, then search for “Direct Sports” by using your controller to select and input letters into the onscreen keyboard.

Alternatively, you may use your microphone (if equipped) to search for, “Direct Sports”.

Step 3

Navigate to the Direct Sports Network tile within the search results, and click the ‘A’ button to launch the installation page, then click the “Install” button and the app will begin to install itself. After installation is complete, click the “Launch” button to access the app, and enjoy!